Big Idea Marketing Email. Halloween edition.
Goal: create a storytelling moment that pulls a red thread through a group of categories - clothing pieces that could be used as Halloween costumes for toddlers and babies.
Process: I have to say, I'm a sucker for GIFs. They're easy to consume, they catch your eye, and they have a strong emotional impact. In this particular case, I needed to draw customers’ eyes to the cute details of the product. Dodgy arrows with editorial copy helped to add to the playfulness of the email. 
 Kids Jeans Mini-Stories, winter edition.
Goal: introduce the customer to the four types of jeans that we want her to know about right this minute. 
Process: I like using emotional images to draw attention to the topic. In this email we are providing an inside look at the products' fit & fabric technologies — so the customer understands how much thought & work went into perfecting the final result. I am using strong on-figure shots focusing on the best angles, head-to-toe looks, and styling options, while copy speaks to the seasonality and details of the product. Lay-down shots help to display color/print/texture range and diverse visual design.
 Kids’ Shop by Size chart
Goal: make it easy for the customer to find what fits her loved ones. Promote new products and emphasize the upcoming gifting season.
Process: working on this email I wanted to focus on the convenience of the shopping by size. Bright and emotional imagery sets the mood, prominent price point sparks the interest, and editorial copy reminds her of the opportunity to stock up on affordable gifts (email was sent out before Christmas). I used a simple graphic-only age-based chart that helps to locate needed sizes separated by gender. Colors and graphic elements were borrowed from the seasonal toolkit.
 Girls’ spring dresses Hit List
Goal: provide a rundown of our must-have dresses & explain why each of these deserves a spot in her wardrobe
Process: my favorite part of this email is the simplicity and the balance of color and air. I used a numbered list to showcase different styles of dresses and color blocks to support the vibrant palette. Copy explains what we love about each individual piece and speaks to cute details and vivid colors. Usually in Hit List emails we want to draw customers' attention to different purposes of the product, but in this particular case, it was more of a fashion moment, promoting new spring styles. 
Family summer safari trend, Big Idea template
Goal: support an overarching idea/trend across categories for all family members focusing on color, print, and fabric.
Process: this entire email dedicated to just one theme - safari. We chose to limit the copy, though keep it playful and informative, and make the imagery do most of the heavy lifting here. The laydown shows the abundance of products for the family and offers color and print options, while witty copy explains why we’re so excited about this particular trend. The bottom CTA chart helps guide our customers to the needed division. And the "Buy online, pick up in store" banner informs them about the new online shopping feature available for customers. Now there's no excuse not to shop for new outfits!
Pattern Mixing, Fashion Math template 
Goal: provide a list of must-haves for a designated time frame 
Process: in order to get a customer to make a number of cross-category purchases, we came up with a “fashion math” template. I used laydowns supported by emotional on-figure shots to educate the customer on how to build a trendy layered look by mixing patterns and playing with styles. Direct bottom CTAs help her easily locate the product on the website. 
New Denim fits, experimental 
Goal: introduce the customer to the new fits and show some easy mix and match options
 Process: in this email, I tried to mimic the fusion of the Facebook carousel ad and Instagram story interfaces. The idea was to make it look native to the platforms she is already familiar with. The animation shows how easily different styles of tops and jeans can be combined with each other. It catches the eye, sparks interest and allows to display a big variety of the product. 

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