In the year 2021, I enrolled in an online illustration program at the British Higher School of Art and Design. And this is my diploma project.
I called it "What's going on?"  hoping to describe the feelings I've been experiencing in the past couple of years influenced by the world's news. 
My goal was to convey this gloomy feeling that something big and gloomy is inevitably coming at you.
And this wave is about to engulf you. You don't know what it is yet.
There's only one question in your head:
what's going on?
I didn't want to escape into the language of surrealism. I have no delusions. I am just playing with the observer. ​​​​​​​
There's nothing unusual happening in my paintings, except this fleeting feeling of suspense that envelops you at first sight. Sunset or dawn? Helpless naked women? What are they here for?
Melancholy. Stickiness. Can you take a breath?
I can't.
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